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Top 10 Health Benefits Of Water Aerobics

What Are The Health Benefits Of Water Aerobics?

Water Aerobics, also known as Aqua Aerobics, has many benefits; it’s a super fun way to keep fit and healthy. it’s suitable for all age groups, from children to seniors and all fitness levels from beginners to professional athletes. Water exercise is a great way of reaching and maintaining health and fitness goals. Here are the top 10 health benefits of water aerobics.

Water Aerobics Class Brisbane
Water Aerobics Class Brisbane

What Does Water Aerobics Do To Your Body?

1. Helps Build Strength

When exercising in water, you’re working against the resistance of water so by simply kicking and cupping the water you contribute to muscle development.

2. Helps With The Recovery Of Injuries

Your body weight is considerably lighter then submerged in water. This buoyancy means you do not experience the same impact on your joints or muscles as you would exercising on land. So it’s an ideal way to exercise and strengthen an injury to the knee, hip or foot.

3. Lowers High Blood Pressure

Aqua aerobic workouts are perfect for those who suffer with high bloody pressure. Your heart rate can be reduced considerably when exercising in water compared to on land.

4. Enhances Balance and Coordination

Water exercise helps you build stability, improves your balance and expands your muscle strength for better coordination. This in turn affects your movement both in and out of water.

5. Reduces Stress, Anxiety And Helps With Insomnia

Participating in water exercises can reduced stress and anxiety. The water has a calm and soothing effect on your brain and can it turn help you to have better sleep.

6. Helps With Pain & Health Problems

Water aerobics helps deal with arthritis and back pain. The waters buoyancy lowers the impact of your movements. Helping to relieve the amount of stress placed on your joints and muscles. Warm water also helps relieve pain and inflammation around joints and swollen muscles.

7. Increases Endurance

When exercising for an extended period of time you’re heart, lungs, and muscles all work together increasing your fitness and endurance. Regular water fitness classes are recommended.

8. Helps With Weight Loss

Studies have shown water exercise reduces body fat and can lower your cholesterol levels. Although the amount of calories burnt vary depending on your size, the intensity of your workout and the depth and temperature of the water. Faster movements in deep cold water amount to a greater weight loss.

9. Increases in Body Flexibility

Gaining overall body flexibility is one of the many benefits of water aerobics. The water density adds a resistance causing joints and muscles movements that you aren’t used to.

10. Stops Over Heating

Exercising in a pool is great for keeping bodies cool during a workout. It helps to stop overheating and is a great choice of exercise especially in hot weather.



Water Aerobics is a great way to improve your overall fitness and wellbeing. Studies have shown it can increase your metabolism, reduce body fat and help with many different health problems. Although it is recommended you talk to a doctor before you start any water exercise routine. Aqua aerobics classes can be great fun, very motivating and a great way to meet new people and socialize.


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