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Meet The Models

We feature everyday women as models for our swimwear collection. Many are first-time models, driven by their enthusiasm for new experiences. Discover their unique stories and what being an Ocean Road Swimwear model means to them.

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Pool & Beach Exercise

Dive into the world of water exercises to discover when and how they help you stay in shape. Learn valuable fitness tips that can enhance your workout routine, making it not only effective but enjoyable as well.


Travel & Leisure

Uncover the beauty of our photo shoot locations, ranging from breathtaking destinations on the Australia coast to picturesque waterfalls, lakes & Rivers.

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Choosing Swimwear

Discover the art of selecting the ideal swimwear that complements your body shape, size, and skin tone.

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Sun Protection

Explore sun safety and the significance of avoiding harmful UV sunlight for the well-being of your skin.

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Swimwear Care

Make your swimwear stand the test of time by discovering how to properly care for it, ensuring vibrant colors and a longer lifespan.

About Me

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Discover the backstory of my swimwear brand, the reasons that led to its creation, and how it remains a constant source of inspiration. Learn More>

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Latest Posts

  • Meet Liz

    Meet Liz, a mother, marketing professional, and seeker of beauty in diversity. “I was immersed in a tapestry of diversity from an early age.” Originally from the vibrant landscapes of South Africa and now a proud resident of Western Australia, my journey is one of embracing the richness of culture and the beauty of individuality.…

  • Water Aerobics: What to Wear

    What Should You Wear for Water Aerobics? Finding swimwear for water exercise can be a daunting task, but fear not, it’s time to dive right in and find out which is the best swimsuit for aqua aerobics. Are you ready to splash into the refreshing world of water exercise, where the benefits speak for their…

  • Meet Chantel

    Meet Chantel, on life’s roller coaster as she journeys to new heights! “Every Curve Life Throws at Us Can Be Embraced with Grace and Strength.” Life has been one colossal roller coaster for me, full of unexpected twists and turns. It’s this whirlwind of experiences that prompted me to venture into the world of modelling,…

  • Meet Courtney

    Meet Courtney, mother of five, entrepreneur & aspiring model “I’ve devoted my adulthood to ensuring my children never experience what I went through” Hey there, lovely souls! I’m Courtney, a soon-to-be 30-year-old mum of five (yes, you read that right – three boys and two girls). My journey has been anything but ordinary, having faced…

  • Meet Pia & Ellie

    Meet Pia & Ellie, embryologist, dyslexic & university graduate “Stepping into the spotlight requires the courage to step out of my comfort zone” Embarking on my first-ever modelling experience is a thrilling journey, an exhilarating challenge to showcase Ocean Road Swimwear’s ‘s exceptional line of swimwear. As a newcomer to the modelling world, this endeavor…

  • Meet Sandra

    Meet Sandra, 59, wife, mother, chilli festival enthusiast, and all-star life participant ” It’s all about giving my audience my very best” Hey there! I’m Sandra, a 59-year-old wife, mum, and a lifelong singer. My musical journey began at the tender age of 8 as a Catholic convent schoolgirl. Trained in classical piano, I discovered…

  • Meet Larissa

    Meet Larissa, overseas traveller, community service worker & her wild & unpredictable hair! “I like to see people light up when they see a solution or a glimpse of hope.” In my daily life, I find purpose in reaching out to the homeless, deeply connecting with my community. It’s not just a job; it’s a mission,…

  • Meet Jennifer

    Meet Jennifer, wife, mother & grandmother with a passion for everything outdoors! “I can’t believe I’m adding modelling to my life’s adventures.” “Wow, here I am at 58, approaching the big 60, and I can’t believe I’m adding modelling to my life’s adventures.” It’s a sentiment that fills me with both excitement and gratitude. The…

  • Meet Nicole

    Meet Nicole, a proud Darwinian, fitness enthusiast & fabulous in her 50’s “I love the vibrant, humid atmosphere of my hometown.” As a proud Darwinian through and through. I have a deep-rooted love for the vibrant, humid atmosphere of my hometown. It’s a place that’s close to my heart, and I’m passionate about being an…

  • Meet Devi

    Meet Devi, Darwin resident & adventurer of both the physical & spiritual “Believe, Belong & Be Brave” “A battle against self-doubt and self-criticism” Throughout most of my life, I wrestled with a profound conflict regarding my body and presence. These feelings of restlessness, loss, and mistaken identity have led me on countless adventures, both physical…

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