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How do surfing mums continue to surf with young children?


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Surfing after motherhood & the best workout ever!

If you’re a parent who loves surfing but find it’s hard to enjoy the water once motherhood takes over your life. Keep reading, as surfing mums are getting back into the ocean all over Australia while their children are being looked after for as little as $1.00 per week. Two mum’s in Byron Bay, who took turns watching each other’s children so they could enjoy a surf, decided that other mums could benefit too. So in 2008 ‘Surfing Mums Australia ‘was born. Since then they have grown to approximately x40 groups in Queensland, New South Wales, Victory and Western Australia.

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My morning with Surfing Mums Gold Coast was life changing. Having made contact on Facebook Groups, I spent the morning with some great mums at Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast. During a typical Queensland 36-degree heatwave it was great to cool down in the ocean surrounded by a beautiful coastline which is suitable for beginners and intermediate surfers because it has three points that create one of the world’s longest right-hander. Wearing Ocean Road Swimwear’s sun safe rash guards and swim shorts they showed me just how much fun Gold Coast surfing mum’s have.