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Water Aerobics: What to Wear

What Should You Wear for Water Aerobics? Finding swimwear for water exercise can be a daunting task, but fear not, it’s time to dive right in and find out which is the best swimsuit for aqua aerobics.

womens tankini and shorts set swimwear brisbane

Are you ready to splash into the refreshing world of water exercise, where the benefits speak for their selves. Water aerobics is a fun and exciting approach to health and wellness, particularly beneficial for joint health. If you’ve been seeking a low-impact yet highly effective workout regimen, aqua aerobics might just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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Swim Leggings

These swim pants come in various lengths from full leg to a half quad length. Made from full stretch, quick dry fabrics, they ensure both comfort and flexibility. For your water exercise wardrobe consider opting for materials with UV sun protection or chlorine-resistant treatments and fabrics for added durability and protection.

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Swim Tops & Tankini’s

It’s essential to prioritize support and comfort when looking for swimtop options. A good supportive under-bust elastic for enhanced lift and stability is a must. Tankini tops with inner shelf bras can provide excellent support while allowing for ease of movement and extra tummy cover. Cropped or sports style bikini tops with a racer back make a perfect choice for your water aerobics sessions.

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One-Piece Swimsuits

For those seeking full coverage and support, the one piece swimsuit is an ideal solution. These bathers prevent the ride-up that you can sometimes get when wearing a 2 piece swim set. Many one piece swimsuit offer coverage for both the arms and legs, providing a sense of security and modesty while you focus on your water workout.

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Swim Shirts/Rashies

Let’s not forget about rash guards, especially if you’re exercising in an outdoor pool or the ocean. These garments feature sleeves that offer great protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. So you can ensure your skin remains safe and healthy during your any aquatic activity.

swim shoes for aqua aerobics

Water Shoes

Utilizing appropriate footwear, such as non-slip water shoes, is crucial for preventing injuries during water aerobics. Water shoes offer stability in the water. Look for options like water shoes featuring rubber soles or water socks with a soft grip on the underside for optimal performance and safety.

When it comes to finding suitable swimwear for water workouts, prioritize comfort, functionality, and protection. Whether you opt for swim leggings, tankini tops, swimsuits, or rash guards, ensure that your choice meets your needs and allows you to move with ease and confidence in the water. But never forget to look super stylish with an ample serving of sass!

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Swimming?

Staying healthy and keeping fit are two major benefits of swimming. Swimming is a perfect low-impact sport that helps mentally and physically. Only 1 hour of swimming burns almost the same number of calories as running, but causes less impact on your joints and body. So, why is swimming good for you?

Swimming in Cardwell Spa Pool Tropical North Queensland
Swimming in Cardwell Spa Pool – Tropical North Queensland

The Top 8 Health Benefits of Swimming

1. Keeps your body healthy

Swimming gives you many body benefits as it helps you keep a healthy heart, healthy weight, and keeps your lungs healthy.

2. Works the entire body while being a low impact activity

Swimming increases your heart rate which improves fitness and improves your cardiovascular system. It also helps tone your muscles and helps build muscles

3. Great for people with conditions such as asthma, arthritis, and even injuries

Due to swimming being a low impact sport it is very nice on the joints and muscles. It requires less movement from each joint and less work on each muscle, reducing the amount of pressure on these joints or muscles. This allows you to stay fit if injured or you struggle to do physical activities.

4. Peaceful and relaxing

Swimming is a peaceful and relaxing exercise due to the low impact on muscles and joints. It has also been found that swimming can reduce stress.

swimming is peaceful & relaxing innot hot springs queensland
Swimming is Peaceful & Relaxing – Innot Hot Springs, Queensland

5. Improves flexibility

Due to swimming being low impact on the joints and muscles it helps loosen up stiff and tight muscles, which helps with your overall flexibility.

6. Helps with mental health

Like all exercise swimming releases endorphins into your brain. Endorphins are hormones that make you feel good, so it increases your overall positivity and lifts your happiness and wellbeing.

7. Helps with sleep

As swimming is a form of exercise it will make you more physically tired, but swimming can help with sleep by reducing stress which was mentioned above.

8. Pleasant activity on a hot day

Although it is a form of exercise, you will never get hot and sweaty from swimming.

the benefits of swimming - far north queensland
The Benefits of Swimming – Far North Queensland

Swimming is known as one of the most popular sports in Australia. Learnt as kids, swimming has become a fun hobby for most of us. The health benefits of swimming are numerous. So, what’s stopping you? Start swimming right away!

Don’t For Get Your Swimsuit!….unless you want to 🙂

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Best Water Exercises for Seniors

Top 8 Water Exercises for Seniors


Are you over the age of 60 and worried you may damage yourself when working out?

Well, water exercising could be the perfect exercise for you! less effort. Aquatic exercising is a great form of exercising especially for senior citizens. Exercising in water is extremely beneficial as the exercises are low impact on the body, and are easy on the joints. It is important to keep your body in shape, at least 30 minutes of moderately intensive exercise is important for adults aged over 65 years. So why not start water exercising now?

Here are the best 8 types of aquatic exercises:

1. Water Jogging

This exercise is great to get the blood flowing throughout your cardiovascular system for a low-impact exercise. Aqua Jogging can be done by jogging from one side of the poop to the other, jogging backwards and forwards or jogging on the spot. The exercise increases your heart rate which can reduce the threat of a heart attack.

2. Water Walking

Start by getting into waste deep water and begin to walk back and forth in the pool, try to remain in a straight line. Also try to make sure the soles of both your feet are touching the ground of the pool. Aquatic walking is great for your overall posture, which can aid with backpain.

3. Leg lifts

Legs lifts are done by using the resistance of the water. They strength all the muscles in your legs. Stand in the pool and lift one leg out to the side then back down to its original position. This is then repeated until your leg gets tired, then do the same for your other leg. This works all the muscles in your leg, but is also great for improving your balances, and improves your core.

4. Flutter Kicking

A kickboard can be used if necessary, start by floating on your front while holding onto the side of the pool, and begin flutter kicking, your head should remain above the water. This exercise gets your heart pumping and is a very low-impact exercise.

7. Standing Water Push-ups

Water push-ups can be done by standing next to a pool wall and leaning into the wall while bending your arms and then pushing back to the standing position. Repeat this until you are tired. This is an excellent exercise without putting much pressure on the joints to gain strength in your arms, shoulders, and chest.

8. Arm Circles

This exercise helps strengthen your arms, to complete this exercise you need to move to the deep end of the pool. Your head and neck should be above the water, then move both your arms out to both sides and begin to move them in a forward circular motion, aim for 20 seconds forward and then swap to a backward forward circular motion.


The fear of harming yourself when exercising becomes a greater possibility as you get older. Thus, exercising in water is extremely beneficial as they are low impact and easy on the body & joints. It has also been found that consistent regular aerobic activity (swimming) can decrease the risk of chronic illnesses, improve the health of people with diabetes and heart disease, it also improves the affected joints for someone who suffers from arthritis.

What are your favorite water exercises?

Leave your comments below:


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Top 10 Health Benefits Of Water Aerobics

What Are The Health Benefits Of Water Aerobics?

Water Aerobics, also known as Aqua Aerobics, has many benefits; it’s a super fun way to keep fit and healthy. it’s suitable for all age groups, from children to seniors and all fitness levels from beginners to professional athletes. Water exercise is a great way of reaching and maintaining health and fitness goals. Here are the top 10 health benefits of water aerobics.

Water Aerobics Class Brisbane
Water Aerobics Class Brisbane

What Does Water Aerobics Do To Your Body?

1. Helps Build Strength

When exercising in water, you’re working against the resistance of water so by simply kicking and cupping the water you contribute to muscle development.

2. Helps With The Recovery Of Injuries

Your body weight is considerably lighter then submerged in water. This buoyancy means you do not experience the same impact on your joints or muscles as you would exercising on land. So it’s an ideal way to exercise and strengthen an injury to the knee, hip or foot.

3. Lowers High Blood Pressure

Aqua aerobic workouts are perfect for those who suffer with high bloody pressure. Your heart rate can be reduced considerably when exercising in water compared to on land.

4. Enhances Balance and Coordination

Water exercise helps you build stability, improves your balance and expands your muscle strength for better coordination. This in turn affects your movement both in and out of water.

5. Reduces Stress, Anxiety And Helps With Insomnia

Participating in water exercises can reduced stress and anxiety. The water has a calm and soothing effect on your brain and can it turn help you to have better sleep.

6. Helps With Pain & Health Problems

Water aerobics helps deal with arthritis and back pain. The waters buoyancy lowers the impact of your movements. Helping to relieve the amount of stress placed on your joints and muscles. Warm water also helps relieve pain and inflammation around joints and swollen muscles.

7. Increases Endurance

When exercising for an extended period of time you’re heart, lungs, and muscles all work together increasing your fitness and endurance. Regular water fitness classes are recommended.

8. Helps With Weight Loss

Studies have shown water exercise reduces body fat and can lower your cholesterol levels. Although the amount of calories burnt vary depending on your size, the intensity of your workout and the depth and temperature of the water. Faster movements in deep cold water amount to a greater weight loss.

9. Increases in Body Flexibility

Gaining overall body flexibility is one of the many benefits of water aerobics. The water density adds a resistance causing joints and muscles movements that you aren’t used to.

10. Stops Over Heating

Exercising in a pool is great for keeping bodies cool during a workout. It helps to stop overheating and is a great choice of exercise especially in hot weather.



Water Aerobics is a great way to improve your overall fitness and wellbeing. Studies have shown it can increase your metabolism, reduce body fat and help with many different health problems. Although it is recommended you talk to a doctor before you start any water exercise routine. Aqua aerobics classes can be great fun, very motivating and a great way to meet new people and socialize.


For some people exercise classes and the thought of wearing a swimsuit in public can be a little intimidating. Thankfully there are many swimwear companies catering for women who may prefer to wear more modestly designed swimsuits. Companies such as Ocean Road Swimwear have a large range of swimwear suitable for water aerobic workouts both in regular and plus sizes.


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How do surfing mums continue to surf with young children?


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Surfing after motherhood & the best workout ever!

If you’re a parent who loves surfing but find it’s hard to enjoy the water once motherhood takes over your life. Keep reading, as surfing mums are getting back into the ocean all over Australia while their children are being looked after for as little as $1.00 per week. Two mum’s in Byron Bay, who took turns watching each other’s children so they could enjoy a surf, decided that other mums could benefit too. So in 2008 ‘Surfing Mums Australia ‘was born. Since then they have grown to approximately x40 groups in Queensland, New South Wales, Victory and Western Australia.

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My morning with Surfing Mums Gold Coast was life changing. Having made contact on Facebook Groups, I spent the morning with some great mums at Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast. During a typical Queensland 36-degree heatwave it was great to cool down in the ocean surrounded by a beautiful coastline which is suitable for beginners and intermediate surfers because it has three points that create one of the world’s longest right-hander. Wearing Ocean Road Swimwear’s sun safe rash guards and swim shorts they showed me just how much fun Gold Coast surfing mum’s have.